Why I Support the #DemWalkOut: Democracy is not a sport and elections are not games

The Bernie delegates walked out of the convention yesterday immediately after the roll call.
 Let’s be clear: Democracy is not a sport and elections are not games. It’s shameful that that is how elections are covered — with the scoreboard of amount of money raised and polling numbers.

I support the #DemWalkOut not because I’m #BernieOrBust, but because the primary was unfair. I’m not #BernieOrBust because I will absolutely vote in the election and I am committed attempts to reform the Democratic Party from within and without.

The primary was deeply flawed and if we don’t protest this and share our experiences of having our voices marginalized and votes disenfranchised,  we are setting a precedent that the public accepts unfair elections. That is to say, we accept that America is not longer a democracy.

The argument that someone has been declared a winner even though the process was unfair cannot be accepted in a real democracy; it’s also a real assault to our spirit. Democracy is not inherently about just winners and losers; we just made it that way in America. In theory, democracy is a collective decision-making that is supposed to respect our humanity, freedom, sense of fairness, and individuality.

Furthermore, the policies that are passed as a result of this toxic process, affect our lives, can hurt or kill us. It’s not just democracy, but our survival. Fracking, healthcare and trade policies can kill us. So, it is not exaggeration to say that it’s a matter of life and death.

The truth is that both parties are corrupt and failing. Big money is part of the problem, but it’s not all of it. There is now a culture of corruption and favoritism.

Unity is a political need as a party, but unity is also spiritual thing. It cannot be forced. “But TRUMP” cannot take away the hurt and trauma of this primary process. Our souls do not work that that. Pain cannot be beaten out of us with fear.

Bernie supporters need to be heard that the process was unfair and we are not going to submit to the party whipping like sheep. Let us have an honest conversation as a country about the state of our two-party-system. Being told to shut up will destroy party unity.

I’m not ready to walk out of the Democratic Party even though I think the relationship has become toxic and abusive. I’d like to do what I can try to reform it; save it from drowning in corporate money and lobbyist influence. This is my party, too. It doesn’t belong to any one person. It belongs to the members, to the people.

We cannot sweep this botched primary under the rug out of fear of Trump. We are also afraid that American democracy is lost and government of the people, by the people, for the people has perished.

#DemWalkOut #SaveOurParty #CleanHouseDNC #DemocracyMatters #ButTrumpIsNotEnough #DemocracyOrBust
I livecasted the #DemWalkOut for 2 hours yesterday. Intense!

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Annabel Park

Annabel Park is the founder of Save Main St, a documentary filmmaker and an activist.